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Before you submit a question please have a look through the below FAQ's as this might be the quickest way to an answer.


Q: Can I have a price for some furniture?

A: We sell wholesale, if you need a few items for your home please find one of our retail partners. 

Q: What colours are available in a range?

A: Scroll to the lower section of the Range page and you will see the available colours

Q: What pieces are available in a range?

A: Scroll to the middle of a range page and click on the 'Available Pieces' button

Q:When will the driver contact me about my delivery?

A: On the day of delivery the driver will call or text you with a estimated time of delivery.

Q: How do I re-arrange my delivery date?

A: Reply to the text message you received, and our customer service team will be in touch.


Thanks for submitting!

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